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If you are looking to hire a professional genealogist, click "Find a Genealogist/Speaker" in the menu above. If you are a professional or aspiring professional genealogist click Join to learn more about joining. Meetings are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. When they resume, information will be posted on this site. Learn more about the Georgia Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists by clicking the "About" link .
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How to Join the Georgia Chapter

In order to join the chapter, first you must join The Association of Professional Genealogists . For more information on joining the chapter you can contact the chapter via email: . We are currently updating the online membership form so please contact us via email.

How to Find a Member to Hire

The Georgia Chapter Association of Professional Genealogists maintains a member directory . Members update their own information including whether they are accepting clients. Use the link in the top menu to find a genealogist. Use the "Advanced search" link to see the data members can list (including research specialties and major repositories). You can also search fields for other repositories or locations.

Meeting Update

 Due to COVID-19, all meetings and activities are postponed, indefinitely. Notices for online meetings will be sent directly to active members.